Welcome to Laguna Niguel Counseling

Laguna Niguel Counseling offers a range of psychotherapy services including marriage and couples counseling, child and teen therapy as well as counseling for substance abuse, depression and GLBT issues. You will experience a non-judgmental, supportive response to your concerns. Rest assured that your concerns will be addressed immediately and that the process of problem resolution will begin quickly and produce continuous results.

Whether your marriage counseling concerns stem from infidelity, depression, grief or an addiction, I'm confident that I can provide the tools and ongoing counseling you need to overcome your obstacles in a healthy and productive way.

To schedule a free 20 minute consultation to begin your healing process just write me an email. My email address is:

Roxanne Cherry Ph.D., MFT
30101 Town Center Dr., Suite 210
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677